Check Out This New Series on Modeling a Base Mesh in Maya

Antony Ward’s new series on creating a character base mesh takes us back to basics.

Ideally, it makes sense to create a topologically correct mesh that you can use as a starting point for most of your character models. Typically called a base mesh, it’s a great way to worry less about the technicalities of modeling and more about the art.

This new tutorial series from Antony Ward (antCGi) explores every aspect of modeling and creating a base mesh that walks through each element separately. Hence, you get a clearer understanding of the whole modeling process. 

Ward takes us through all the required fundamentals first. “Once the fundamentals have been covered, I will then walk you through the process of building a #basemesh which we will then turn into a fully-fledged character, one which we will then use as the basis for future rigging courses.”