How to Use the Wedge Tool to Reconstruct Cylindrical Shapes

Alex Cheparev shares a technique for adding more divisions to cylindrical shapes by way of the wedge tool.

In Autodesk Maya, the wedge tool is a great way to change the direction of shapes, make corners, piping, and other elements. In recent releases, the wedge tool is made even handier by allowing for more straightforward component selections it requires.

This new tutorial from master 3d modeler Alex Cheparev shows how you can use the wedge in Maya to recreate more divisions in complex cylindrical objects.

A Different Wedge That is Also Free

If you feel like you have outgrown Maya’s Wedge, there are other options out there. One example is Klaudio Ladavac’s Wedge Tool, a faster and more interactive iteration of Maya’s original, and it is free.