How to Manually Create Trim Sheets With Maya and Photoshop

Geoffrey Datema shows how you can create trim sheets using workflow basics.

These days creating PBR-based trim sheets isn’t that big a deal. DCCs like Painter and Toolbag (and some others) make it a snap. Still, if you want to understand better how trim sheets work, there is nothing better than creating one on your own.

Check out this tutorial from 3D Environments/Props Artist and Instructor Geoffrey Datema, who covers the process using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop.

“Using trim sheets is a fantastic way of saving on memory while texturing multiple assets with only a single set of PBR textures,” Datema notes.

“Usually authored in software like Substance or Mixer, we can still manually do the entire process using nothing but Maya and Photoshop, as we’ll see in this tutorial.” It’s a slow process but a great entry point if you’re interested in PBR texturing.