How to Make a Melted Slushy Material With Octane

New Plastic shows how to make a melted slushy material procedurally with Octane.

One of the final tutorials in the frozen series from New Plastic shows how to make a partly melted slushy procedurally with Octane Render in Cinema 4D.

“In this C4D tutorial, we’ll get even deeper into Octane’s node system and create a fully procedural melted slushy, using nothing but textures.”

Procedural Frozen Pack.

New Plastic’s latest materials pack is a frozen one. There are 25 fully procedural frozen materials (no image textures), including some neat-looking slushy ones and snow & ice.

The materials are procedural, so you can use them on any model and are infinitely tileable with infinite resolution. Check out the Procedural Frozen Pack here.