How to Make Procedural Rocks in Snow With Octane

New Plastic shows how to make rocks embedded in snow procedurally in Cinema 4D under Octane.

A new tutorial from New Plastic shows how you can add rocks to a procedural snow shader and have it all look super-natural and never repeat. “As usual, we will use only a single material for the whole thing,” Guy says about the process.

The beauty of this texture is that it’ll never repeat itself and allows for some excellent creative control.

Procedural Frozen Pack.

New Plastic’s latest materials pack is a frozen one. There are 25 fully procedural frozen materials (no image textures), including some neat-looking slushy ones and snow & ice.

The materials are procedural, so you can use them on any model and are infinitely tileable with infinite resolution. Check out the Procedural Frozen Pack here.