Creating Continuous Track Using Xpresso in C4D

Expresso Mechanic TV shows how to make a tracked vehicle system using Xpresso and Align to Spline.

One of the more elaborate setups can be creating a tank tread or a continuous track system in 3D. In his latest Xpresso tutorial for Cinema 4D, Expresso Mechanic TV shows how to make a caterpillar machine-like track using Xpresso and some Align to Spline Tags. The system will work as expected simply by moving the rig along its X-axis. 

About Julian Field.

Julian Field, AKA Expresso Mechanic (3D artist/animator), and The Unknown (singer/songwriter/producer) are independent creative spirits based in Kent, UK. Field teaches Logic Pro and Cinema 4D (Xpresso) via Skype and offers one-to-one tuition in your own home if you are in the UK’s Kent area.