How to Select Every Other Polygon With The C4D Python Tag

Expresso Mechanic TV shows how to use the Python tag in C4D to select every other polygon in an object.

This new tutorial from Expresso Mechanic TV dives into something that every modeler can use — selecting every other polygon in an object.

The tutorial covers using the Python tag in Cinema 4D to select every other face easily. Julian admits it’s far from a perfect solution, but it works.

Some More Ways Create Elaborate Selections in Cinema 4D.

Check out this tutorial from Jonas Pilz that shows how you can easily use the Formula Field and Modulo in Cinema 4D to create tricky selections.

About Julian Field.

Julian Field, AKA Expresso Mechanic (3D artist/animator), and The Unknown (singer/songwriter/producer) are independent creative spirits based in Kent, UK. Field teaches Logic Pro and Cinema 4D (Xpresso) via Skype and offers one-to-one tuition in your home if you are in the UK’s Kent area.