How to Render Objects Into a Background With Redshift

Ronald Fong shows how to have objects look like they belong in a photo using Redshift Renderer.

Many rendering engines will have a method for “catching” shadows. That is to say, you can render the effects of a shadow without creating an entire scene in 3D. This new tutorial from Ronald Fong shows how to render objects into the background photo using Redshift under Autodesk Maya.

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Check out this other tutorial from Joe Lawrence (The You and Me Academy) that shows how you can quickly create a way to render only the shadows onto a plane. Previously with Redshift (as with many other renderers), this happened through a material. Now in Cinema 4D, it’s as simple as adding a Redshift Tag.

About Ronald Fong.

Ronald Fong is an animation director specializing in 3D animation and motion design for digital media marketing, advertising, commercials, and films.