MGFX is a Free Tool for After Effects That Helps With File Management

MGFX is a Free Tool for After Effects That Helps With File Management

Saransh Sharma’s free Ae tool helps set a structure for Ae projects and is open-source.

Check out this free and open-source Adobe After Effects script that helps you easily create proper folder structures.

I’m sure plenty of us want to open After Effects and start working without a proper folder structure first. “We’ve all been there, so, yeah. We put a lot of effort into structuring our file system so that it can be

handed off to other animators and studios, or opened after a while without getting lost in the shuffle.” It is with that goal that Saransh Sharma created MGFX.

MGFX is a free and open-source script for After Effects that can organize everything in your project with a click of a button.

MGFX Features:

• Folder Structure – Create a folder structure with names- *comps, .ai, images, .psd, plates, and sound in the project panel.

• Import File – Imports a file into the After Effects project.

• Move Comps – Move all the compositions into the “*comps” folder.

• Move Vector files – Move all the ai & eps into the “ai* folder.

• Move Images – Move all the png, jpg & ex’s into the “images” folder.

• Move PSD files – Move all the psd files into the “.psd” folder.

• Move Footages – Move all the mp4 & .mov into the “plates” folder.

• Move Sound – Move all the mp3s & .wav into the “sound” folder.

• Delete Empty Folder – Delete all the empty folders in the project panel.

Learn more about MGFX and download it here.