Color Management For Dummies by a Dummy

New Plastic tries to clear up color management in a way that simplifies the process and terms.

Color management across the entire pipeline is intimidating for freelancers and generalists. While there is a ton of stuff to know and keep in mind, there are some simplified things that we can all grasp to ease the whole Color Management learning curve.

Here, New Plastic attempts to streamline some of the concepts in a way that anyone can understand; In fact, the title card for the video says the content is fit for dummies suggesting a dummy created it.

“I feel like most artists are walking in the dark when it comes to working with colors, so I thought I would make a digestible video that hopefully will help clear some things up.”

“You won’t learn about color management here, but hopefully, it’ll clear some of the confusion surrounding it.”

Also, this tutorial from SilverwingfVFX (Raphael Rau) covers working with ACES from Octane in Cinema 4D and then the settings in After Effects. Rau also adds a theoretical section and how to export ACES out of Octane C4D.