How to Create Realistic Fabric With Octane in Cinema 4D

New Plastic shows how to use an OSL Shader to create a realistic fabric material with Octane in C4D.

Sometimes creating a knitted fabric is as simple as starting with the right foundations. For example, this new tutorial from New Plastic shows how to start building a realistic fabric material using an OSL shader that offers an easy weaving pattern. “A weave pattern can form fabrics like Satin, Suits, Flannels, Linen, Burlap, and much more.”

OSL (Open Shading Language), developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks for the Arnold render engine, offers a way to write code for any render engine that supports OSL.

The All Fabrics for Cinema 4D (Procedural Octane Pack)

New Plastic’s fantastic Fabrics Pack for Octane includes 159 pre-made fabric materials. Get that here.

More on Procedural Knitting.

Check out this tutorial from Lucas Thorup uses Cinema 4D’s Mograph tools to create a procedural knitting system.