How to Create Stop-Motion Style Animation in C4D With the Track Modifier

Athanasios “Noseman” Pozantzis shows ways to create stop-motion animation in C4D using the Track Modifier Tag or deleting keys.

This new quick tip tutorial by the Maxon Training Team and Athanasios “Noseman” Pozantzis (@nosemangr) shows two ways to have your animations take on that stop-motion quality.

The stop-motion effect is based on regular keyframe animation and uses Cinema 4D’s Track Modifier Tag to achieve the result.

More on that Stop-Motion Look.

Also, check out this tutorial that shows Christopher Rutledge putting together a shader that looks like it might be stop-motion clayVisit that tutorial here.

This tutorial has the You And Me Academy demonstrating how to create a stop-motion clay look with Cinema 4D and Redshift procedurally. Visit that tutorial here.