How to Shade and Render VDB Assets in Blender for Smoke and Explosions

Zachary Vanhoy shows how to render and shade VDB volumes in Blender using the ActionVFX Free VDB Shader.

VDB assets are a great way to work with volumes without doing the simulations and setups every time. All you need to do is shade and render the VDBs, and you’re off to the races. It could be time-consuming if you are unfamiliar with creating volumetric shaders for explosions, fire, and smoke. I’m sure this is why ActionVFX started a free Blender project with three shader presets for working with those VDBs.

Here, ActionVFX’s Zachary Vanhoy shows how to shade and render VDB assets in Blender. These free shaders work with any VDB assets, including animated and non-animated VDBs, such as Gas Explosions, Smoke Plumes, Meteors, and more.

Each preset is tuned to work with the various VDBs available from ActionVFX to save you time and get your renders looking great.

The download also includes 3 sample VDBs from the Gas Explosions, Meteors, and Smoke Plumes collections to test everything before buying. Download the shader presets project here.

About ActionVFX

ActionVFX creates top-of-the-line VFX assets for professional artists and filmmakers. The ActionVFX library contains over 3,300 elements ranging from Explosions, Gore, Water, Fire, Smoke, Debris, Particles, and more. The team is very passionate about what we get to do, and we strive to create the best stock footage for VFX. Visit ActionVFX to learn more.