A Complete Beginners Guide to Creating UVs in Blender

Jamie Dunbar covers how to create UVs in Blender, setting aside the technical jargon and focusing on the process.

Although completely necessary, UVs can be a stumbling block for many new artists. UVs are simple; they change depending on the project and workflow, which may confuse people trying to get started.

Here, Dragonboots Studios’ Jamie Dunbar shows how simple UVs are to make, setting aside all the 3D technical jargon and focusing on all the essential bits.

The Next Step for Making UVs in Blender.

If you want to learn more about creating UVs in Blender, this tutorial by Josh Gambrell shows how to use a free add-on to help make some incredibly tight UV packing. Visit that tutorial here.

Another more advanced technique is to work with multiple UV tiles or UDIMs. Check out this tutorial by Richard Shilling (aka Dikko!), which looks at working with UDIMs in BlenderVisit that tutorial here.