How to Create a Point-Based Particle Dynamics System in Cinema 4D

Mikhail Sedov uses Deformers and Effectors to create a point-based particle dynamics system in Cinema 4D.

Check out this tutorial from Mikhail Sedov, which shows how to create a point-based particle dynamics effect in Cienma 4D using the Mograph module. Sedov posts part of his patreon tutorial covering point-based particle effects with native c4d dynamics.

Here are the steps Mikhail walks us through:

  • Create a Point Cloud object and a Plane object.
  • Add a Field Force object to the scene and change its size and strength.
  • Create a Circle object and change its radius.
  • Place the Circle object inside a Cloner object and change the Cloner’s mode to Linear.
  • Apply a Time Effector to the Cloner object and change its scale.
  • Create another Cloner object and use the Grid object as its source.
  • Change the Cloner object’s mode to Object and place a Sphere object inside.
  • Add a Deformer object to the scene and change its speed and strength.
  • Change the particles’ view part type to Off and add a Color effector.
  • Create a Line object and use it as a field for the Color effector.

In a slightly related tutorial, Mikhail Sedov showed how to make a particle distribution effect using Scene Nodes. Visit that tutorial here.