A Sneak Look Into What’s Coming for RealFlow C4D 2

Next Limit Technologies are setting up to release a new version of RealFlow for C4D. The plugin is a unique one, as it brings the fluid simulations technology from Real Flow directly inside of Maxon’s Cinema 4D. It is a completely integrated effort that works with MoGraph, Thinking Particles, C4D Hair, and more. RealFlow C4D 2 will come packed with tons of new features and some much needed improvements.

The plugin will add some of RealFlow 10’s feature set, including the Dyverso Multi-Physics Solver, Granular Materials, Viscous and Viscoelastic Substances, and the ability to work with interacting fluids, like water and foam together.

RealFlow C4D 2 now lets you control Daemons through C4D’s native falloff functions. This will be an amazing addition. It is also possible to mesh cache fluids right in C4D with a completely Alembic based pipeline. There is also talk of performance boosts and memory improvements, better collision handling and more.

Next Limit has a nice article on what is slated for RealFlow C4D 2. There is also an incentive where you can get a RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0 new license at a special pre-order price of ONLY 495€ / $545. This promotion ends on July 24, 2017, (inclusive).