modular character system, under the hood with jan berger

The Rigging Dojo posted a great under the hood look with Jan Berger, creator of the Modular Character System for Autodesk Maya who gives a great tech demo of the system, plus a Q and A from the live session.

Rigging Dojo Live :Modular Character System (MCS) under the hood with Jan Berger from Rigging Dojo on Vimeo.

“Come get a peek under the hood of this much anticipated rigging system for Autodesk Maya and learn what makes it such a super cool rigging solution.

The Modular Character System is an advanced animation and rigging solution for Autodesk Maya.
In this live event, Jan from Suntoucher labs will give us a look under the hood at the techniques that were used in making the MCS.

We will find out how it differs from other rigging solutions, how to rig and animate using the Modular Character System
and some non-conventional uses for it.”