As an animator, you can probably guarantee yourself two things. There is no shortage of rigs that you can animate with, and you can never have enough free rigs to animate with.

A flexible rig with a maxed-out animSchool Picker.

In that light, Animator Brent Forrest has just finished a massive overhaul of one of his rigs, and has literally been losing sleep over the updates, and hopes to get as many hands on the rig as possible.

The updates to the rig include a new stretchy IK / FK spine with breath control, stretchy IK / FK legs, high resolution and proxy geometry, FK / IK finger controls and the addition of a new animation picker.

It is no secret the love that Brent has for the AnimSchool picker. He has written a couple of articles on it’s use and why you should be using it. Little Monkey Rig 2.0 includes a new pciker interface, brought on by the AnimSchool Picker.

In fact the Little Monkey 2 picker has tons of custom features including an automated feedback form where users can punch in their rig requests straight from maya, and get an update within 24 hrs.


Check out the link to the Little Monkey Rig 2.0 to learn more about it’s features, availability and pricing.

Little Monkey Rig 2.0 Includes:

  • A fully articulate face with implicit control and blendshapes
  • Stretchy IK / FK spine, breath cotnrol
  • Strecthy IK / FK arms and legs
  • Hi Res / Proxy GEO
  • IK / FK Fingers
  • Optional shirt with animation controls
  • Clean clean outliner, strict naming conventions