Michael Tuttle posts a rivet plugin that he has created in Python for polygon meshes in Maya where you are able to take one or two vertices (with the shapes matrix also) and uses that to ouput matrix, translate, and rotation attriutes which can be used for animation or other purposes. Check out the Advanced Rivet -Python Plugin for Maya 1.0.0 here.

For basic use just select one or two vertices from the mesh and in the mel command line type and execute the command “vRivetCommand,” which will create a locator positioned and oriented to the selected vertex(ices). You can also set it manually with createNode -type vRivet (or in Python createNode(“vRivet); and connect your shape’s mesh and matrix attributes to inMesh and inMatrix, respectively. The upVector can be used to have a custom up rotation axis instead of using a second vertex. The upVector is only used if the upIndex attribute is set to -1. Use the rotationAxis attribute to specify which rotate axis points up, forward and tangent.


  1. heli

    Dosent work on 2012

    • I tried it in 2012 sp2 before i posted and it worked on one vertex, but not multiple.

  2. heli

    hey bro!

    I followed install info but no success, which directory excatly you put .py file?

    I have old rivet plugin, which is add locator to double edges, it works but vertex is better imo

    thanks for fast reply

    • i just sourced it from the desktop and ran the command – just to try it out quickly.

  3. heli

    thanks for reply.. does not work

    • Sorry Heli, i meant go under window settings and prefs, plugin manager, load it as a plugin by hitting browse, and navigate to where the .py file is. then run the vRivetCommand; 🙂

  4. This does not work on Maya 2011. Disappointing.

    // Error: NotImplementedError: Wrong number of arguments for overloaded function ‘new_MScriptUtil’.

    Back to djRivet or the old Rivet from Gnomon.

  5. Thanks Lester Banks!!! Loading it in the plugin manager did the trick for me.

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