Pilgway posts an introduction to using 3D Coat, their flagship voxel sculpting, painting, texturing, UV mapping and retopology application, providing a a look at understanding the Splash Screen Options in 3DCoat.

This video begins a series that demonstrates the ability to start straight away on specific tasks, through the Splash Screen

The three part look at the Splash screen options for 3DCoat actually delve a little further and touch on defining voxel sculpting and briefly demonstrates 3DCoat’s LiveClay features, as well as voxel painting, creating tiled textures, per pixel painting and Ptex.

3D-Coat is an all in one application that really has all the tools you need for voxel sculpting, painting, texturing, re-topology etc., making it a fantastic tool for hard surface modeling… and at a price of 389 $ 3DCoat for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems – it really a no-brainer purchase.