Helge Maus Preps New PBR Workflow Series for C4D, 3D-Coat

Pixeltrain Previews an Upcoming Series that Details the PBR Workflow Between Cinema 4D and 3D-Coat.

If you are seeking to learn more about PBR workflows for rendering, have a look at PixelTrain’s upcoming workflow series. Helge Maus previews what the series will entail, showing PBR techniques between Cinema 4D and 3D-Coat. The series will cover the capabilities of UV-Unwrapping and working with PBR smart materials in 3DC. Later the series brings the textures over to Cinema 4D and render them with the help of Corona for Cinema 4D and Cycles 4D.

The preview shows Helge briefly cover the new Corona Node-Editor and how to use it to connect all the PBR textures that came from 3D-Coat. To get the node-tree to render everything correctly, Helge builds a dialectic and a conductor node-branch and mixes them with the help of Metallic maps as material layers. Also, covered is the difference between sRGB and linear profiles while in the Bitmap node.