Extending a look at using the Fracture Object in the MoGraph Module in Cinema 4D, Jamie Hamel-Smith brings another five minute tip showing how to make objects explode in Cinema 4D. If you recall, Jamie had another tip in using the Fracture Object in Cinema 4D, showing how to use it to Create Simple Dynamics.

This Five Minute Tip for Cinema 4D shows us how to use the Fracture object (MoGraph) and an Attractor force object to make things explode

Jamie notes that he almost accidentally stumbled on this technique while testing the abilities of the MoGraph Fracture object. The basic technique uses a Fracture Object and an Attractor Force Object using self-collisions to “upset” the geometry and start the initial repulsion. After that, it is just a matter of using the particle attractor to push the pieces around. Check out the tutorial for Exploding Objects Using Cinema 4D’s Fracture Object here.