Baking Normals From ZBrush to Marmoset ToolBag

John Chen posts a super quick guide to baking normals from Zbrush so that they come in great in Marmoset ToolBag. You may remember John’s other handwork when he broke down his realistic Basset Hound image  showing the process for creating the model in ZBrush and rendering in Maya using Arnold. If not you can check that out here, it’s pretty great – Breakdown for Creating the Super Realistic Basset Hound Using Zbrush, Maya, and Arnold.

Here is a quick guide to baking out your normal maps from Zbrush into Marmoset Toolbag. Which worked for me.John Chen –

The issue arrises in getting ZBrush bakes out to other applications, sometimes the message from one application to another gets a little lost. Here John provides his settings in ZBrush that will get rid of the model’s unwanted seams and look correct in Marmoset ToolBag.

Be sure to check out John Chen’s post for his quick guide to baking out your normal maps from Zbrush into Marmoset Toolbag where he show you how to get nice clean seams to your model.

Marmoset Toolbag

Marmoset is sort of the standard, certainly in the game industry, for realtime material editing -It is kind of a big deal. Marmoset provides a full features real time material editor and renderer all in one package. ToolBag just recently updated to include a physically accurate renderer, harnessing the computer’s GPU to provide realtime rendering to both OSX and Windows platforms.

A new modular approach has been incorporated into the latest version of Marmoset ToolBag, allowing you to choose modules that suite your workflow and the task at hand.
Marmoset Toolbag 2 update also included expanded scene tools that allow for the control of lights, cameras, groups, and multiple meshes, all within a completely new user interface. To learn more about Marmoset ToolBag, check the features page here: Marmoset ToolBag 2, the Essential Realtime Artist’s Toolkit.