Marmoset Toolbag Updates with Lens Distortion & Chromatic Aberration

Marmoset have released Toolbag 2.06 which adds a bevy of new features including new color curves and lens distortion / chromatic aberration.

ToolBag has long been the forerunner as a fully featured material editor and physically based renderer that is an all in one solution for realtime artists. ToolBag offers an efficient workflow to 3D artists.

The latest version, ToolBag 2.06 features support for area lights, object scaling, and curves that will allow you to color grade your work effectively. There are new lens effects which include lens flaring, geometric distortions and chromatic aberration.

New Features in Marmoset ToolBag 2.06

  • Area Lights
  • Color Curves
  • Lens Distortion & Chromatic Aberration
  • Lens Flares
  • Scale Tool!
  • Glass Preset Material
  • Random sky now chosen for new scenes