Stress Create Can Automatically Test Maya Character Rigging, Skinning

Stress Create from Stefano Susco can be useful for the rigging and TD tasks of fine tuning a character in Maya. The script will automatically move the parts of the rig you are working on, without adding keyframes to the rig itself.

This tutorial shows samples about Stress Create Script showing how you can use “Stress Create” to test your character rigging, or can use it to correct the skinning of your character in real time, without the needed to move single parts manually or create some animationStefano Susco

the Stress Create Script Movement Types

  • Curl Stress: used for curl movements

  • Bend Stress: useful for wave movements of bones

  • Crawl Stress: is useful for large, circular movements

This can be really helpful for testing the moving in a part of the rig to see how it is affected, or to see the effects of the painted weights for that part of the mesh.

Stress Create works by creating a locator with controls on your selected joint. It gives you the ability to adjust the base movement by setting 3 parameters of the locator. By chaing frequency, amplitude and multiply, you are able to control the motion of the selected joint.

Stress Create Motion Types

There are three types of stresses you can employ, a Curl Stress, Bend Stress, and Crawl Stress. Each has a use for various parts of the rig. The Curl Stress is intended for non-root joints in the rig. Curl Stress can be used for parts that mimic an elbow or knee or finger joints.

The Bend Stress setting can be used for a wave type of motion, such as you might find in the lateral bending of a spine joint, arms or legs, and can be used on non-root joints. The Crawl Stress can be used  for large circular movements, like the kind of motion that would happen in the shoulders of a character.


Stress Create is a free MEL script that can work in pretty much any version of Autodesk Maya and can be found here: Stress Create for Maya.