Allegorithmic launched a new and free plugin for Cinema 4D that will allow users the benefit of using Substance materials in C4D. Allegorithmic’s products all center around substance textures and the substance technology, including Substance Designer and Painter.

The Allegorithmic Substance Plugin lets Cinema 4D users take advantage of one of the most advanced material engines available, Allegorithmic’s Substance Engine.

Substance Textures are hybrid textures that use a combination of image based textures and procedurally generated textures which offer the best of the two.

Substance in Cinema 4D allows game and content creators to use load and use Substance materials. The plugin offers a seamless workflow between Substance Designer and Cinema 4D. It does this by allow you to tweak parameter settings right within C4D. Substance Textures in Cinema 4D also can have dynamic texturing via runtime modifications. Substance Textures can  also driven or  animated by C4D’s Xpresso.

The Substance plugin basically consists of two components – Substance files and a Substance shader. The Substance assets represent the actual Substance Textures within Cinema 4D and they can be managed in the Substance Asset Manager. The Substance shader is the thing that connects the output channels of Substance assets with Cinema 4D material channels.

Visit Allegorithmic to learn more about using Substance Textures in Cinema 4D.