Watch the Power Behind 3D Coat’s New Sculpting Brush Engine

Flavio Rygaard shows off 3D Coat’s new sculpting brush engine.

The latest release for 3D Coat offers a new sculpting brush engine that gives much more control over previous versions among a host of other benefits. Watch Artist Flavio Rygaard use the new brush engine to create a sculpt of a rhinoceros.

The video is a recording of an extensive Sculpting Session by Flavio Rygaard. He explains the power of 3DCoat 2021’s new brush engine, which includes LiveClay (Dynamic Subdivision) functionality built right into each brush rather than having separate brushes for this feature set. 

About Flavio Rygaard.

Flavio Rygaard is a Brazilian artist who specializes in sculpting anatomy, texturing, characters, and creatures.