nMaker Offers Free Tools for Texture Work in Photoshop

nMaker for Photoshop

3D Artist Tiago Medeiros has created a suite of Photoshop tools that will allow you to easily create textures for your 3D work. nMaker offers a 1-click workflow for creating textures needed for the 3D pipeline, and best of all, it is being offered for free.

The NMAKER is a tool packge for creating textures in photoshop

There are a few choices around for texturing workflow these days. The paths include either a photoshop solution such as the Quixel Suite, or a stand-alone solution such as Substance Designer/Painter, or Marmoset ToolBag.

The PS suite of tools will let you create textures in Photoshop, designed to be quick and agile. You can then use the textures in your main 3D application.

nMaker Tools’ workbench includes the PS tools of nMaker for creating normal maps, nDisplace for creating displacements, nBump, nDiffuse, nAO, and a host of others that will round out building anything you need right in PS.


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