Preparing Meshes in Maya & 3DS for Quixel Suite 2

Soon after rolling out Quixel Suite 2, the Quixel team have been posting a few tutorials on integrating the one-stop painting and texting solution in your workflow.

Recently posted, is a look at how to prepare meshes and how to set the assets up in QS2. The tutorial walks through using Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, but really, any of the tips provided will work with many other 3D programs.

The latest update to the suite allows you to work with multiple mesh groups, letting you export several meshes in one OBJ file. The QS2 will read the OBJ file and its various components as separate objects.

There are a couple of things you should set up in your 3D application to optimize meshes for Quixel, such as naming, UV concerns, and some settings for expiring the selection that should be set.