Check Out MaxDepth’s New Drone Photogrammetry Course

The new course shows how to create 3D assets from drone footage using photogrammetry.

VFX Supervisor Timothy Hanson (MaxDepth) takes real-world on-set techniques and packages them into relevant courses. His latest is on drone photogrammetry – taking drone footage and creating usable 3D assets using Reality Capture.

“In this training series, we will focus on using the DJI Mavic 2 pro as well as traditional DSLRs to capture a data set for use in industry-leading photogrammetry software Reality Capture.” The class covers using the “The control point method” to align your data set into a point cloud as well as some tips and tricks to help optimize your scenes. The point clouds them makes its way to Zbrush for retopology and Maya for remodeling and UV’s. Mari gets employed for the textures, and then back to Maya for rendering.

Head on over to to pick up your copy of “Drones & Photogrammetry” today.