Slice an Object in All Axes in C4D, With Slice 4D

A little while ago, The Great Summit updated Slice 4D to version 2.0 which offers some great new features for cutting any object or series of objects in Cinema 4D. The plugin can be great for all kinds of things, and its interactivity and realtime feedback, make it great for motion graphics work. Slice 4D makes it easy to slice on a certain axis.

But, what if you wanted to slice an object in more than one direction? What if you wanted to slice an object on all axes, would that still be possible? The short answer is, yes. Here, The Great Summit posts a quick look at cutting a cube into in to pieces on all its axes.

The technique uses C4D’s connect object, which after converting to objects, will allow you to place another Slice 4D on each of the other axes.

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