Working With Arnold Shaders and MegaScans

Arvid Schneider Begins a Multi-Part Tutorial Showing How to Work With Quixel Mega Scans and Arnold

ILM Lighting TD Arvid Schneider takes up another tutorial series that focuses on working with Quixel Mega Scans and Solid Angle Arnold, creating a really great looking environment ground-floor with mushrooms.

Arvid expects the project-tutorial to span across 5 episodes. Here, the first one, covers creating a shader for the “hero” mushrooms that will be the focus of the scene. Others in the series will cover shading the other assets, lighting, creating additional details using Maya’s xGen, and finally, compositing… So stay tuned for those.

You can watch a reply from Arvid’s live-stream where he showed how he created the mushroom scene, that includes lighting, and arranging the assets.

Mega Scans is a subscription service to a library of high resolution scanned assets. Mega Scans is a standardized library that contains thousands of scanned items, with three subscription levels that include pricing for hobbyists, freelancers and teams.