Use 3DC’s Split Tool for Easy Hard-Surface Seams

3D-Coat and its voxel sculpting environment is a great place to create hard-surface models. You can freely carve and shape models with a minimum amount of tools. You can get some nice results simply by adding, subtracting and cutting 3d voxels. Tools like Vox Hide, and Split make it easy to get some nice hard surface details into a model. In fact, 3dc’s split tool is a really great way to create seams in a model.

The split tool lets you cut a model using a marquee or lasso selection. What makes it a nice tool to use, is that it also will bevel the seams on both sides of the cut out shapes. It’s a really easy way to get some nice moulded manufacturing seams into a model.

Anton Tenitsky is a modeling mentor at CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation. Who often share tips for scultping. Watch as Anton walks through how the Split Tool in 3D-Coat works, offering some tips for creating your hard surface model details. Nice!