How to Sketch Vehicles Fast in 3D Coat


Anton Tenitsky is a modeling mentor at CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation. With this tutorial, Tenitsky shows how he uses techniques in 3D Coat to knock out and sketch vehicles fast.

very fast and rough sketching using Carve and Cut tools

Although it might appear similar to other sculpting applications, 3D Coat has some pretty clear advantages. It is really easy to sketch vehicles out in 3D using a variety methods including 3D Coat’s sketch tool which has a similar feel (but better functionality) to that of the shadowboxing tools in Zbrush.

Anton forgoes using the”shadowbox-like tools in 3DC, citing that he finds it faster to simply draw out the rough shapes in 3D space. Then using 3DC’s Carve and Cut tools to hammer the forms into something more refined. 3D Coat has real time lights when sculpting. This can be great for seeing what you are sculpting under the scrutiny of light and shadows.

It’s impressive to see how fast these connecting sketches can come together!

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