Get Started With Quixel Megascans Studio

Here is a short (23 min) introduction to using Quixel megaScans studio, by Lighting TD Arvid Schneider

Arvid’s Youtube channel typically is a deep-dive into using Solid Angle’s Arnold rendering engine in Maya. Once in a while he deviates from the standard topics and offers some user requested material in other topics. This one looks into Megascans.

Customize and blend surface scans to create stunning tileables

His latest is a look at MegaScans, and MegaScans Studio, the stand-alone application that allows you to customize and blend surface scans to make tillable materials for any render engine.

Quixel Mega-Scans is a massive library of scanned vegetation and surfaces, that are all physically based in 3D. They can include scanned 3D assets, along with all the maps needed to make a realistic looking material. The library has the convenience of having both support realtime time rendering textures and offline rendering texture support.

“I will show you how to download, and create your own hyper realistic textures for your preferred renderer” Arvid Says. You can help support Arvid as a 3D tutorial content creator by becoming a Patron.