A Look at What’s New With Voronoi Fracture in C4D R19

With his 7 minute tutorial, MAXON UK’s Matt Umney shares one of his favorite new features in Cinema 4D R19. “I loved the Voronoi Fracture object in R18, I thought it was wonderful, and now it’s just got even more powerful,” says Matt.

MAXON recently announced Cinema 4D R19, showing off some of the newest features and additions to the software, which will be available in September 2017.

Improvements to the Voronoi Fracture includes a new Auto Connector. This will automatically create a setup of Connectors between all the shattered pieces of the fracture. Another feature is almost the opposite of fracturing… Glue. You can merge peaches back together using the new Glue feature. “With so much more stuff you can do with it, the detailing, the connectors… glue!? This has to be a top new feature for me, especially when used with ProRender.” Matt mentions.

What’s new in R19’s Voronoi Fracture?

  • “Auto Connector” to automatically create a setup of Connectors between pieces.
  • “Geometry Gluing” to merge pieces together
  • “Detailing” to give pieces a more realistic look
  • “Sorting” has been moved to a new Tab
  • New sorting mode “Object”
  • New “Piece Scaling” functionality, to scale voronoi cells
  • The effect of “Offset Fragments” can now be inverted, this will create one object consisting of the gaps.
  • “Hull Only” can now have a thickness
  • The fracturing results can now be saved in the .c4d file
  • Vertex maps can now be created for inside face selections, outside face selections and edge selections.
  • Much better performance when fracturing high polygon count objects.

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  1. Interesting. I wonder how performant this will be. Considering, that you usually don’t just fracture a simple sphere but much more complex meshes than that.

    Looking forward to the release!

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