Tips for Working With Octane’s Mix Material

Award Winning Motion Designer, Tony Zagoraios, Walks through Some Tips That He’s Learned for Working With Octane’s Mix Material

No matter what your render engine of choice, it will likely have a way to build more complex shaders by mixing them together. Octane is no exception. It has a suite of utility shader nodes, including the Mix Material. With it, you can combine materials and shaders into a single shader. In fact the Mix material can be used to mix any two material nodes. You can control the mixing by a value, color, or texture.

Tony Zagoraios walks through some of the techniques he used in one of his projects, showing how he works with the Mix Material in Octane. He offers some tips and tricks that he has come across over his time experimenting and mixing materials together for his renders. The Mix shader is pretty intuitive to understand, it’s just a question of how to implement things to achieve a desired result. This is where Tony’s walkthrough can be really useful.