Unique Rock Sculpting Techniques in 3D-Coat

Anton Tenitsky Demonstrates His Rock Sculpting Techniques that is Unique to 3D-Coat

Anton Tenitsky goes over his way of rock sculpting in 3D-Coat that is a departure from what is normally seen with rock sculpting tutorials in 3DC. Creating rocks is a topic that Tenitsky has covered before, only using Zbrush as the tool of choice.

Since then, he has reconsidered the rock-making process, noting that 3DC has some advantages in workflow over Zbrush. “I’d say that in 3D-Coat, it is much, much easier” Tenitsky says. “The only advantage that Zbrush has is its noise modifier”.

Tenitsky has put together a Rugged Rocks Pack that is available for purchase. You can use the pack’s 17 high-quality rocks in your own work, or as a starting point for new work. Anton is mentor at the CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation.