How to Output Depth AOV from Maya Redshift

Redshift’s Adrian Cruceru Give an In-Depth Look at Working With the Depth AOV in Redshift Maya and Nuke

Adrian Cruceru is Redshift Rendering Technologies’ Technical Support Specialist. Watch this 24 minute tutorial that covers how to create a depth AOV pass in Maya with Redshift, and using that AOV in a compositing setting of Nuke.

The process for creating and rendering a Depth AOV is rather simple, but Adrian goes into some finer details over the output that can be helpful for Redshift users. This includes some of the options that are available in the attributes editor, and what the settings mean for the depth output.

The process is similar if you are using a different host application. Adrian runs through how to create the depth pass using 3ds Max, Redshift, and Nuke below.