QuickImporter Gets Support for Adobe Audition

Mamoworld Adds Audition Support for QuickImporter, Its Next Generation File-Import & Keyword Search Tool

Judging from the number of third-party tools out there that deal with file import and media browsing could describe a fracture between people who use the software and the people that make it. Mamoworld recently expanded its importer tool to include support for Adobe Audition. That increases the list to three Adobe product that can benefit from QuickImporter’s fast fuzzy logic keyword search in a file-import dialog.

If you find yourself working and bouncing between After Effects, Premiere and Adobe Audition, then you might want to take a look at QuickImporter. It gives you a fast way to isolate files in an ocean of data. It provides a super quick & fuzzy search, instantly searching through thousands of records to find the file you need. It even finds items even though there might be typos in the search term. Pretty cool.