How to Randomize Colors With MASH, Arnold

Edge CGI Shows How to Create Balloons Using MASH and How to Randomize Color Using Arnold

Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit, MASH, and Arnold are a fantastic pair together. It’s pretty clear from watching this short tutorial from Edge-CGI that shows how to create an excellent balloon scene and how to randomize colors in Maya.

Learn how you can quickly use MASH’s scattering tools to place all the balloons into place fast. The tutorial also covers lighting and rendering. one of the cool things that are shown is how to randomize colors using vertex color information with MASH and Arnold. The vertex data can get passed to Arnold through an aiUserDataColor node. Just make sure that the Export Vertex Color is checked on the Shape Node.

More on how to Randomize Colors

Artist Lee Griggs shows how to render Wax Crayons using alShaders and Utility Shaders to randomize the colors.

Mograph Plus showed how you can create random colors in C4D using Arnold with Color Jitter.