How to Sculpt Destruction With 3D-Coat

Anton Tenitsky Talks About How to Sculpt Destruction on a Column Using 3D-Coat, Adding Cracks, Holes and Crumbling Faces

CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation mentor Anton Tenitsky has a look into creating old, neglected, and crumbing looks on 3D models using 3D-Coat. Tenitsky shows how to sculpt destruction in 3D-Coat working with a handful of tools.

Tenitsky uses a range of techniques, but the primary forms all come from the versatile Vox-Hide tool in 3D-Coat.

The techniques shown in the video are ones that were part of a ZBrush workflow. “It was all done in Zbrush before I before I got acquainted with 3D Coat,” Anton Tenitsky says. “And it was a pain. It is much much easier to do it 3D Coat”. While working Anton makes some interesting comparisons between the 3D-Coat and Zbrush workflows. The tutorial references Hugo Beyer’s Maya and Zbrush Wood carving texture tutorial, which you can see here.