Get a Real-Time Long Exposure Effect in C4D

Merkvilson Shows How to Make a Real-Time Motion Blur or Long Exposure Effect in C4D without Plugins or Xpresso

Prolific tutorial and tools author Merkvilson goes into the more delicate details of how he created a real-time motion blur or long exposure effect in Cinema 4D. Real-time meaning that you can see the result in the viewport just moving an object around.

If you suspect that the effect uses a Tracer Object, you wouldn’t be wrong. Merk had a quick GIF-based tip of this technique as far back as a few months ago. “Seems like the gif format was not enough for many users, so I decided to make a full video tutorial about this technique” Merk mentions.

If you like to tinker in C4D, it’s practically essential to be a Patron of Merk where you get access to exclusive tutorial content.

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