A Look at Blender’s New Principled Hair Shader

Blender Developers Posts a Look at a New Principled Hair Shader for Blender That Looks Pretty Amazing.

Blender 2.8 will most definitely be an exciting release. If you have followed along with what has come out of the Blender Code Quest, you should be looking forward to some fantastic new features. One of those features on deck is a new principled hair shader for Blender.

The release will have new nodes for Cycles, in a Principled Hair BRDF node. Blender already has a hair shader, and if you have tried it out, you know that it takes much time to set up. The new principled hair shader will leave that behind, as it did with the volume and physical shaders previously. The new hair shader will be much easier to set up and yield some pretty surprising results.

The new Hair shader an implementation of the paper from Chiang et al., used in the Disney film, “Zootopia.”