Best Practices for Rigging in Cinema 4D

Aleksey Voznesenski Provides an Overview of Best Practices for Rigging Characters in Cinema 4D.

Ace5 Studios Aleksey Voznesenski often finds himself fixing rigs while working with Cinema 4D. Some of those rigs come from other people, which can be frustrating if they are not up to standards. What better way to get everyone on the same page, as to post an overview for best practices when rigging characters in Cinema 4D.

The short 10-minute tutorial runs through the essential attributes that all character rigs should incorporate, and more importantly, why. Some things are relatively straightforward, while other items Aleksey may be valuable nuggets of information that can up your rigging game. Either way, standardizing on best practices is a great way to promote only the best techniques.

Another great way to learn rigging techniques is to tinker with a professional-style rig. Ace5 Studios has a free character rig called Boney 4D.