Working with the New Volume Builder Generator in C4D

Orestis Konstantinidis Offers an Introduction to One of C4D R20 Most Anticipated Features, the Volume Builder Generator.

The C4D R20 announcement leaves 3D and motion artists alike in anticipation of the September 2018 release. One of the features, changes to the OpenVDB system, lets users build objects with a voxel style sculpting workflow. The Volume Builder Generator and Mesher offer new ways to model complex shapes by adding or subtracting with boolean-like operations. The modeling workflow provides an entirely procedural approach for creating objects that would be time-consuming to develop any other way.

The Volume Builder Generator goes a step further allowing users to create animated growing effects by turning noises and the new MoGraph Fields into actual geometry. Watch C4D Artist Orestis Konstantinidis walks through how it all works in his latest short tutorial that covers working with R20’s new volume features.