Advanced Seamless Cobblestone Sculpting With 3D Coat

Anton Tenitsky Shows How to Make a Seamless cobblestone texture in 3D Coat Using Tileable texturing techniques.

Not too long ago, Anton Tenitsky posted a look into using 3D Coat to create tileable textures that are based off actual sculpts, sharing some of the techniques that he uses to simplify the process. His latest tutorial is an extension of the first and looks at more advanced ways to create a seamless cobblestone sculpt.

The narrated timelapse presented is an excellent look into how to approach tileable sculpting in 3D Coat and other sculpting applications. It’s a smooth workflow to create bricks, cobblestones, and other repeating textured assets for your models and environments. Check out Anton’s introduction to sculpting tileable textures with 3D Coat here.

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