Symmetry for Nonsymmetrical Objects in 3D Coat

Anton Tenitsky Shows How Flexible 3D Coat’s Symmetry is When Working With Non-Symmetrical Objects.

3D Coat has such a vast range of tools; it might be easy to overlook how flexible and powerful some of them are. Underutilized might be the very case for 3D Coat’s Symmetry mode. Symmetry has the all-too-familiar ability to achieve symmetry across multiple planes, even simultaneously. It also can let you work with symmetry on non-symmetrical objects.

3DC’s Symmetry mode works in almost all the rooms, and it has a feature that lets you keep working with symmetry even if the object is not symmetrical. 3D Artist Anton Tenitsky shows off this adjustable symmetry ability while providing some tips for working with Symmetry for Non-Symmetrical objects 3D Coat.

Anton is a mentor at the CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation.