How to Create Typography Using Cinema 4D’s Volume Builder

Sean Dove Takes Advantage of R20’s Fields and Volume Builder to Design Typography in C4D.

Arguably the two most prominent features in C4D R20 are the Volume Builder and Fields. Designer Sean Dove puts both of them into use to create typography design in his latest tutorial and quick tip. “I wanted to share a bit of my workflow, so we are going to start with a rough sketch to shape our idea then by using the new volume modeling and fields system,” Dove says. “We will get some results that before this update would have been near impossible, especially with the amount of flexibility we now have to iterate quickly.”

Indeed, both those features have opened up a whole new realm for ways to work in C4D. Working with volumes is a very tactile and intuitive way to model complex shapes by using simple boolean functions of addition, subtraction, and unions. Fields, on the other hand, are a fantastic extension of the “falloff” concept, that you can apply anywhere in Cinema 4D.

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  1. Jeezuz krist. Just draw your type in illustrator with a tablet and save that 30 min worth of terrible Photoshop effort.


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