A Short Introduction to Cinema 4D Volumes

Jonas Pilz Explains What C4D’s Volumes are and How the Volume Builder Can Make Complex 3D Shapes.

One of the new features in Cinema 4D R20 is the ability to model using Volumes. It’s a new way of modeling where you can create shapes by adding or subtracting shapes with boolean-like operations. It opens up a whole new way to work and animate in Cinema 4D. But what are Volumes?

Maxon’s Jonas Pilz explains what voxels are in 3D, and how they are integral to C4D’s Volume builder. Pilz also shows how easy it is to create objects such as a screw, using the volume builder and overlaying various construction objects to achieve the final form. The workflow is a very procedural way to create both organic and hard-surface models.
What an amazing feature.